Attendee Focus

Attendee Focus

Strengthening customer relationships face to-face is crucial these days. Consider one of these attendee focused sponsorships as a customer touchpoint to personally connect with our attendees.

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AMPP Store Bags
Bags - $32,000 (Exclusive)

Executive backpack or messenger bags made of 600D Polyester. Distributed to attendees at registration areas, including early pickup registration. Backpack is production included!

Charging Station
Charging Station - $3,500

Keep attendees charged up and happy! Users will access cell phones by creating their own locker combination from the touchscreen. Lockers also kill 99% of germs and bacteria while charging devices such as phones, tablets and iPads and can be located in the Exhibit Hall or meeting corridor.

Coffee breaks
Coffee Breaks - $6,000 per day (Exhibit Hall) or $2,500 per day (Meeting)

Conferences run on coffee. Earn the gratitude of the attendees by sponsoring a morning of beverage services. Coffee may be in the Exhibit Hall or meeting corridor. Check with sales rep for availability.

Conference Seat Drop - $950 per session

Provide a seat drop in one conference session by providing an item to be distributed such as your literature or promotional item.

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Emerging Leaders
Crew Brew Co-Sponsor - $1,000

This is Saturday night’s welcome event for all incoming attendees! Be a part of this casual networking event that kicks off the conference week with a night of catching up with old friends while meeting new ones.

Darrel D. Byerley and Phil Calvo Memorial Golf Tournament
Darrel D. Byerley and Phil Calvo Memorial Golf Tournament

From beverage cart sponsor to the longest drive, we have a multitude of offerings to choose from. Please check with your sales rep for more details!

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EMERGing leaders bash
EMERGing Leaders Bash

Come for the awards…stay for the celebration!

Continuing the traditions of two great organizations, AMPP EMERG Student Outreach supports the future of our industry with an evening of recognition and celebration, acknowledging the accomplishments of our 2023 scholarship and award recipients.

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Exhibit Hall Drink Tickets
Exhibit Hall Drink Tickets - $1,500 (Limit 3 per day)

Distribute drink tickets from your booth that can be used at any beverage station in the Exhibit Hall.

Sponsorship includes:

  • Sponsor designed tickets subject to AMPP approval. 
  • Sponsor will be invoiced for cost of redeemed tickets following the conference 
  • Production of ticket is included 
Final program
Final Program - $10,000 (Exclusive)

Get your brand front and center with this highly coveted exclusive offer! Choose from options including a gatefold cover and be the first thing an attendee refers to onsite as they navigate their conference week.

Hand Sanitizer Stations
Hand Sanitizer Stations - $10,000 (Exclusive)

Official AMPP Annual Conference and Expo Hand Sanitizer sponsor. All stations with be branded to your company throughout the meeting space corridor.

Sponsorship Includes:

  • Company recognition on easel signs displayed next to each sanitation station located throughout the conference areas (meeting rooms, registration, exhibit hall)
Honoree Night
Honoree Night - $10,000 (Exclusive)

AMPP invites you to an evening of celebration as the association’s awards are presented in recognition of members who have made outstanding contributions to the organization. Your brand will be associated with the conference’s most elite event of that closes out the conference week.

Headshot Station - $6,800 (Exclusive) (Sold)

Provide attendees with a professional headshot to build their professional profile. Our Headshot Station* allows you to brand EVERY professional headshot taken at AMPP Annual Conference + Expo. Attendees will get a free headshot to share on their social media networks, website and more.

Hotel room drop
Hotel Room Drops - $5,500 (Exclusive)

Company promotional piece delivered directly to attendees staying at the headquarter hotel. Production is not included.

International Forums
International Forums - $2,500+

Be featured online and in-person in one of our international forums that cover a variety of topics in specific areas around of globe. Sponsorship includes onsite branding, a speaking opportunity as well as pre-show marketing.

Koozies - $5,000 (Exclusive)

We will distribute your company branded koozies at the beverage stations located within the exhibit hall.

Lounges - $10,000+ (Exhibit Hall) or $30,000+ (Meeting Corridor)

Create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere for guests to hang out in and catch up with old friends or review meeting notes. We can create custom lounges based on your needs.

Meeting Space Pods
Meeting Space Pods in the Exhibit Hall - $20,000 (Exclusive for 3 pods) or *$6,500/pod

Did you know? The average time spent in a meeting space pod is 15-20 minutes allowing plenty of time for your branded messaging to be consumed. Sponsoring a peaceful oasis at a busy trade show like ours allows for folks to stop and recharge = gratefulness for you, the sponsor!

Notepads - $5,000 (Exclusive)

Branded notepads will be distributed to all attendees at registration and in all meeting rooms the first day of the conference. Production is not included.

Pens - $5,000 (Exclusive)

Supply our attendees with conference essentials. Your company logo on pens distributed to all attendees at registration and in all meeting rooms the first day of the conference. Production is not included.

VIP Early Bird Bag Insert
VIP Early Bird Bag Insert - $1,000 (Exclusive)

Get your sample or promotional item in the hands of each early bird registrant! Your item will be distributed on Saturday to early bird registrants in the convention center.

All sponsorships include
  • Company logo on sponsor Thank You signage
  • Company logo listed on website with hyperlink to company Web page
  • Company logo and listing in AMPP Annual’s mobile app and virtual platform
  • Company logo on sponsor Thank You ad in AMPP Final Program, delivered to 6,000+ expected attendees
  • Company acknowledgement under “Thank You Sponsor” link included on all promotional emails

All pricing listed in USD.

*Restrictions apply based on date of sale.

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