Call for Abstracts

AMPP’s Annual Conference + Expo 2024
Call for Abstracts

The AMPP Annual Conference + Expo features a robust program of peer-reviewed symposiums, forums, workshops, standards and technical meetings, student poster sessions, networking and more. Join us for our third annual AMPP Annual Conference + Expo 2024 in New Orleans, LA.

Do you notice a symposium that does not have a Chair or Vice Chair identified yet and you are interested in serving in this position for the 2024 Annual Conference? Please email and provide a brief description of your educational and professional experience that demonstrates your knowledge of the subject by Monday, May 26, 2023. Please note, the Call for Abstracts for Research in Progress Symposia will open in September 2023.

Key deadlines for 2024

June 30, 2023 – Call for abstracts closes
July 24, 2023 – Author notifications sent
September 18, 2023 – Draft paper due
November 6, 2023 – Final paper due and copyright agreement 
January 2, 2024 – Presentation slides due
January 8, 2024 – Deadline to submit changes to AMPP Staff

Peer-reviewed symposia

AC Corrosion

This symposium features technical papers on interference modeling, case studies, corrosion evaluations, mitigation systems, or other relevant topics.

Chair: Ryan Buchs
Vice Chair: David Kemp

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Advanced Protective Coating Technology

This symposium features technical papers in the following areas; Offshore Windmill New construction Coating (>25 year service life), Offshore Repair Coatings, Offshore Temporary Protection Coatings, Offshore Deck Coating, Subsea Coating, Advanced Coating Application Technologies, Decontamination Chemicals, New Pipeline Coating Development, CUI coating, Thermal Insulative Coating, Cathodic Disbondment Mechanism, Coating Blister Mechanism.

Chair: Benjamin T A Chang
Vice Chair: Tom Weber

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Advances in Materials for Oil and Gas Production

This symposium features technical papers on advances in materials technology and research used in oil and gas production and asset development. The focus is on new and improved corrosion resistant alloys (CRA), metallic response to corrosive environments found in oil and gas production including sulfides stress cracking (SSC), stress corrosion cracking (SCC), hydrogen embrittlement (HE), hydrogen induced cracking (HIC) hydrogen induced stress cracking (HISC), oxygen as well as others, and modifications and improvements to existing test methods as well as development of new methods. This includes consideration and measurement of the material’s performance in its employed exposure environment.

Chair: Eric Caldwell
Vice Chair: Roberto Morana

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Advancements and New Applications of Surface Applied and Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI)

This symposium features technical papers on new applications, and technology advancements in organic corrosion inhibitors.

Chair: Jonathon Brekan
Vice Chair: Behzad Bavarian

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Anodic and Cathodic Protection

This symposium features technical papers regarding anodic and cathodic protection papers on metallic materials in pipeline and other applications in oil, gas, water, and chemical systems.

Chair: Daniel Fingas
Vice Chair: Spencer Easthope

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Challenges and Solutions in Oil and Gas - Water Injection, Well stimulation, other non-H2S/CO2 containing environments

This symposium features technical papers on related to corrosion in Oil and Gas Systems not caused by the presence of CO2 and H2S in the fluids Oil and Gas Water Injection Systems, as in water injection, other enhanced oil recovery and well stimulation processes. This includes assessment of relevant corrosion mechanisms, integrity management and lessons learned, materials selection, monitoring and mitigation strategies, failure analyses, and impact of corrosion in the process and systems’ performance.

Chair: Conchita Mendez
Vice Chair: Jose Vera

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Coating Failures

This symposium features technical papers on coating failures on a variety of substrates, structures, and in a variety of industries for the purpose of advancing the knowledge and awareness of users, owners, contractors, manufacturers, technical professionals, etc. Example topics include determination of root causes and modes of coating failures, detailing of reasons and mechanisms affecting the coatings failure, investigative approach and stages of analysis, field methods for testing and sampling, and laboratory analyses and methodology. Other examples include case studies concerning paint and coating failures related to surface preparation, application, formulation, mis-specified materials and procedures, incompatibility, processing, upset conditions, and inadequate specifications. Assignment of remedial recommendations, lessons learned, and financial responsibilities are also of interest.

Chair: Leonard Phelps
Vice Chair: Kimberly A. Steiner

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Corrosion and Corrosion Control in the Water and Waste Water Industry

This symposium features technical papers on a wide range of innovative and effective corrosion control methods would be presented for multiple pipe materials and treatment facilities.

Chair: Michael J. Szeliga
Vice Chair: Samuel J. Thomas

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Corrosion and External Stress Cracking Under Thermal Insulations

This symposium features technical papers on Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) and external Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC) for stainless steels and carbon steels under thermal insulations. CUI is a well-known industry issue that takes up to 10% of refineries' overall maintenance budget. This symposium aims to include papers that address the aspects of CUI and external SCC for thermally insulated piping, equipment, tanks, pipelines, etc. The papers may include (but are not limited to) original, novel, and unpublished work based on lab testing, pilot trials (in the field settings), case histories, etc. The target audience/ authorship for this symposium includes professionals from asset owners/ operators side as well as different technology sectors for CUI/ SCC management that include, but are not limited to: (a) materials (thermal insulations, metals/ alloys, jacketing, etc.) (b) inspection/ NDE tools and/or techniques (c) Probes (moisture, corrosion, cracking, etc.) (d) preventive measures such as coatings, cathodic protection, moisture barrier, corrosion/ scale inhibition, etc. and (e) modelling such as risk-based inspections, AI, digitalization, etc.

Chair: Ahmad Raza Khan Rana
Vice Chair: George Jarjoura 

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Corrosion and Coatings in Automotive Industry

This symposium features technical papers on corrosion phenomena in automotive industry. Focus is on: a) effect of vehicle electrification on the corrosion resistance of automotive components; b) advanced coatings toward a sustainable economy; and c) corrosion-resistance-oriented design of components. Papers on new materials, new characterization techniques, innovative approaches, case studies and failure analyses are encouraged.

Chair: Federico Bertasi
Vice Chair: Massimiliano Bestetti

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Corrosion Challenges Associated with Hydrotesting, Mothballing, Preservation and Stagnant Water

This symposium features technical papers on all corrosion challenges and protective solutions associated with stagnant water.  In industry, these challenges are often a result of hydrotesting, mothballing or preservation for new or existing projects.  The symposia is open to other challenges from stagnant water as well.

Chair: Krista Heidersbach
Vice Chair: Jodi Wrangham

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Corrosion Control with Inhibition between Oil and Gas

This symposium features technical papers on Study the application of corrosion inhibitors and/or scale/deposit corrosion combination inhibitors and their mechanisms of inhibition.

Chair: Yao Xiong
Vice Chair: Carlos Menendez

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Corrosion in Carbon Capture, Transportation, Utilization and Storage (CCTUS)

This symposium features technical papers on the measurement, mechanisme, or assessment of corrosion in carbon capture and storage system, including carbon dioxide and other impurities present in the process. Paper can be of a research or industrial nature.

Chair: Yuan Ding
Vice Chair: Bjorn H. Morland
Co-Vice Chair: Shokrollah Hassani

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Corrosion in Nuclear Systems

This symposium features technical papers on material corrosion related issues encountered in nuclear waste and spent fuel storage and disposal, generation of nuclear power energy in light, heavy and advanced nuclear power reactors and plants. Paper can include degradation mechanisms for materials and components in service in nuclear systems. Also of interests are papers on materials manufacturing and materials development techniques for current and advanced materials for nuclear power generation, including areas like additive or other advanced manufacturing techniques.

Chair: Sheewa Xihuahe Feng
Vice Chair: Joseph Turnbull

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Corrosion in the Biofuel and Biomass Industry 

This symposium features technical papers on experience related to material selection / corrosion issues / corrosion mitigation in the biofuels industry. We know that this industry is growing and that the switch from conventional fossil feedstocks to vegetable oil or biomass may cause severe corrosion issues. This symposium will cover both the production of biodiesel and bioethanol.

Chair: Sandra Le Manchet
Vice Chair: Jean Kittel

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Corrosion of Additively Manufactured Materials

This symposium features technical papers on corrosion related issues of additively manufactured (AM) materials. Subjects include but are not limited to: process, structure, performance relationships, post processing treatments and surface finish, corrosion mechanism of AM materials, AM material degradation in corrosive environments, AM materials selection and applications, AM qualification and certification, integrity or risk analysis and assessment, etc.

Chair: Zineb Belarbi
Vice Chair: Jon Kvarekval

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Corrosion of Reinforced Concrete Structures: Coatings and Concrete

This symposium features technical papers on corrosion of rebar lead to structural degradation of reinforced concrete systems in the civil infrastructure.  Field practice and research continue to better understand the problem and provide effective practical solutions. This session is intended to provide a forum for practitioners and researchers in the technical areas of reinforced concrete and coatings to disseminate information and provide practical solutions for corrosion of the aging civil infrastructure.

Chair: Samanbar Permeh
Vice Chair: Kingsley Lau

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Corrosion Resistant Alloy Development and Applications

This symposium features technical papers on facilitating communication amongst diverse industries on the use of corrosion resistant alloys. The symposium follows the one held in 2023 and is focused on the development of corrosion resistant alloys for temperatures below 600C using novel concepts, the application of these alloys in chemical process, petrochemical, oil and gas upstream and downstream, pharmaceutical, and various other industries, characterization of corrosion resistance using a variety of techniques, and life prediction models. Topics such as new alloy formulations, the use of atomic or other materials modeling techniques to develop new alloys, multi-principal element alloys for corrosion applications, alloy cladding or overlay coatings, and failure analysis, case studies, materials characterization involving corrosion resistant alloys are also welcome. The symposium will feature a combination of invited and volunteer papers.

Chair: Vinay P Deodeshmukh
Vice Chair: Aijit Mishra

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Environmental Assisted Cracking (EAC)

This symposium features technical papers on understanding of all kinds of EAC mechanisms including but not limited to hydrogen embrittlement, stress corrosion cracking, corrosion fatigue, liquid metal embrittlement, and so on. The papers can cover root cause failure analysis in service, laboratory testing methods, materials modeling, industry standards development, state of art EAC research reviews, and so on.

Chair: Gaoxiang (Garret) Wu
Vice Chair: Fei Tang

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Facilities Integrity and Process Safety

This symposium features technical papers on the management of corrosion, process safety, and assets related to Facilities for oil and gas midstream, upstream and downstream.

Chair: Michael Snow
Vice Chair: Alyn Jenkins

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Flow Assurance in Oil and Gas Productions

This symposium features technical papers on flow assurance issues which is critical for the safe, lower carbon, and sustainable oil and gas recovery and processing. The main focus will be the recent advancements in understanding and technical solutions related to corrosion, scale and other oilfield chemistry challenges in hydrocarbon production and transportation, covering modeling, laboratory study, chemical treatment, field applications, and monitoring technologies.

Chair: Qiwei Wang
Vice Chair: Chunfang Fan

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Gaseous Hydrogen Embrittlement 

This symposium features technical papers on the study of the hydrogen-metal interaction related to the properties of main alloys used in services which involve the treatment, storage and transport of hydrogen in gaseous form at different operating conditions in traditional and sustainable industries.

Chair: Marco De Marco
Vice Chair: Marco Palombo

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Geothermal Scaling and Corrosion 

This symposium features technical papers on geothermal system scaling and corrosion. The aim is to promote discussion of scaling and corrosion in geothermal energy systems. Papers are sought that provide insight on the impact of production, process and reinjection conditions on materials and process efficiency. Descriptions of research activities, failure analysis and successful implementation of new technologies are welcome.

Chair: Helmuth Sarmiento Klapper
Vice Chair: Sigrun Nanna Karlsdottir

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High-Temperature Materials and Corrosion

This symposium features technical papers on the experience and development in testing, in-service case study, experimental framework and computation-assisted modeling of alloys and coatings for operation at temperatures of 400°C and above. The focus of this symposium is on material property and performance, corrosion behavior and mechanism, corrosion modeling and prediction, material characterization, failure analysis, alloy and coating development and practice in relevance to power generation including nuclear, fossil, and renewables, industrial heating, refining, chemical and petrochemical, solar energy and battery, supercritical fluid application, molten salt reactor, etc.

Chair: Bingtao Li
Vice Chair: Rishi Pillai

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Hydrogen and Emerging Fuels 

This symposium features technical papers on hydrogen and hydrogen natural gas blend pipeline and production on both transmission and distribution side.

Chair: Saba Navabzadeh Esmaeely
Vice Chair: Joe Ronevich 

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Implementing Successful Material Sustainability and Material Stewardship Practices

This symposium features technical papers on material sustainability and material stewardship practices are becoming increasingly important for today's organizations.  This symposium will aim to present the concepts of Materials Sustainability and Materials Stewardship within the Circular Economy as additional principles to consider within Corrosion Management best practices.  A number of organizations will be invited to present case histories of implementing materials sustainability and materials stewardship.

Chair: Sandy Williamson
Vice Chair: Elaine Bowman

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Inorganic Scales Mitigation 

This symposium features technical papers on inorganic mineral scale control in various industrial processes, such as cooling and heating, membrane separation, geothermal energy recovery, power generation, pulp and paper production, and wastewater treatment. The main focus will be on new advances on fundamental understanding of scaling process, novel lab test method, new inhibitor chemistry, inhibitor performance, deposition detection and monitoring, as well as innovative descaling and non-chemical prevention techniques. 

Chair: Qiwei Wang 
Vice Chair: Tao Chen

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Internal Corrosion Management - Current Practices and Innovation

This symposium features technical papers on field and research work relating to current practices or preferably INNOVATION in the internal corrosion management space, including assessment/modeling, mitigation and monitoring/inspection in wells, pipelines and vessels.

Chair: Mohsen Achour
Vice Chair: Moavin Islam

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Machine Learning for Corrosion Management

This symposium features technical papers on how to model and/or manage corrosion using new machine learning techniques. This may include how to deal with large data sets, create digital twins, model corrosion (or other time dependent material degradation mechanisms) using artificial neural networks, Bayesian networks, decision trees etc.

Chair: Francois Ayello
Vice Chair: Hao Chen

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Materials and Cost of Corrosion 

This symposium features technical papers on concerning the economic impact of corrosion and its implications on the global economy. Topics may include life cycle cost analysis, the cost of corrosion failure and case studies that address a projects return on investment (ROI) as a performance measurement. 

Chair: Barinder Ghai 
Vice Chair: Sandra Le Manchet

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Materials and Integrity in Oil Sands 

This symposium features technical papers on oil sands industry from owner-operators, vendors, consultants, and researchers. Area of interest include (but not limited to) corrosion, failures, wear, process, material selection, asset integrity, and can be related to steam-assisted gravity drainage, down-hole, mining, extraction, and other surface equipment/facilities e.g. upgrading and other top-side facilities. 

Chair: Duane Serate
Vice Chair: Matthew Krantz

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Mechanisms of Localized Corrosion

This symposium features technical papers on mechanisms, traditional and novel research and test methodologies, real cases including failure analyses, modeling and monitoring techniques as well as strategies for assessing and controlling localized corrosion in all industrial applications.

Chair: Angeire Huggins-Gonzalez
Vice Chair: Mariano Kappes

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Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion 

This symposium features technical papers on microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC) - corrosion affected by the presence or activity of microorganisms. The diagnosis, mitigation and monitoring of MIC will be detailed across multiple industries including oil and gas, water and wastewater, and maritime. Concentration on any aspect of MIC, including microbiological, chemical, electrochemical, and material science, is welcome. Causal, mechanistic and preventative studies are encouraged.

Chair: Jodi Wrangham
Vice Chair: Jason Lee

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Military Coatings and Corrosion

This symposium features technical papers on updates on the latest and greatest in corrosion control for the Military.

Chair: Patrick Cassidy
Vice Chair: Charles White

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Modernization of Corrosion and Coating Research

This symposium features technical papers on nonconventional methods developed or utilized in research that have, or will, advance the way corrosion and coating R&D is conducted.  This can include, but not limited to, innovative analysis platforms, machine learning, data analytics, software development, or efforts to improve accuracy/precision/efficiency of established standards.

Chair: Rebekah Wilson
Vice Chair: Carolyn Ortiz

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New Technologies in Organic Coatings Development for Reduced Environmental Impact and Enhanced Protection

This symposium features technical papers on recent innovations in coatings science that reduce the environmental impact of high-performance protective coatings while maintaining or even enhancing their performance. Specific topics may include new waterborne hybrid materials marrying conventional resins with fluorine and silicon chemistry, new crosslinking approaches which lower environmental impacts during application or at end of service life and enhance applicator health and safety, use of bio-based feedstocks, or laboratory technologies and test methodologies that aid in these developments. The goal of this symposium is to explore the impact of these new innovations in full protective coating systems throughout the product life cycle.

Chair: Sean Fowler
Vice Chair: Connie Przeslawski

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Non-Metallics Materials for Corrosion Control in Chemical Processing and Oil and Gas Production

This symposium features technical papers on the use of polymer-based materials in controlling corrosion in chemical processing and oil and gas industries.

Chair: Michael G Stevens
Vice Chair: Marilee Coleman

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Oil Refining Industry Corrosion

This symposium features technical papers on corrosion and materials issues within the refining industry.  Topics may include case studies, research, materials/coatings performance, damage mechanisms, failure analyses, ect.

Chair: Nate Sutton
Vice Chair: Jeff Goldstein

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Pipeline Crossings: Steel-Cased, Thrust-Bored, and HDD

This symposium features technical papers on road, railroad, river, wetland, etc., crossings by directional drilling, thrust boring, casing, and HDD-type pipeline crossings, etc. Techniques, cathodic protection, coatings, best practice, construction challenges, etc., are included.

Chair: Michael Snow
Vice Chair: Cay Strother

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Performance of Materials and Coatings in Marine Environments

This symposium features technical papers on the performance of recently developed metallic and non-metallic materials as well as coatings in aqueous and atmospheric marine environments.  Papers are also welcome on surface preparation techniques for marine coatings as well as on microbiological induced corrosion (MIC) issues in seawater.

Chair: Moavin Islam
Vice Chair: Abdul Hameed Alhashem

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Pipeline Integrity

This symposium features technical papers on all aspects of pipeline integrity. This includes pipeline integrity management, inspection, assessment, mitigation, operational aspects, regulatory issues, and present as well as emerging technologies. This symposium will offer a forum for operators, regulators, and service providers to collaborate and share experiences that will help drive a safer and more sustainable future.

Chair: Matt Ellinger
Vice Chair: Jared Hebert

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Progress in Laboratory Testing of Corrosion Inhibitors for Oil Field Application

This symposium features technical papers on the following issues: Novel techniques and methodologies for evaluation of corrosion inhibitors in the lab, Lessons learned - practical aspects and challenges encountered when using established evaluation methods and techniques, Factors affecting quality of laboratory data, Challenges associated with quantitative evaluation of localized corrosion, Development of formulations for high temperature corrosion, Challenges and gaps in lab-field transference.

Chair: Zineb Belarbi
Vice Chair: Marc Singer

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Recent Experiences with Austenitic and Duplex Stainless Steels

This symposium features technical papers on recent experiences with stainless steels. The focus is on end user experiences from the process industries such as chemical processing, pulp & paper, oil & gas, desalination, pharmaceutical, renewable energy and other power generation. Topics include successes, failures, material selection, fabrication , and new developments and technologies.

Chair: Lena Wegrelius
Vice Chair: Nicole Kinsman

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Surface Preparation

This symposium features technical papers on surface preparation methods, including abrasives, surface contamination, surface cleanliness, etc. We know that a huge factor of coating failure has to do with surface preparation.

Chair: Dianna To
Vice Chair: Rebekah Wilson

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Sweet and Sour Corrosion

This symposium features technical papers on corrosion in CO2 and/ or H2S service, or general internal corrosion challenges associated with pipelines and facilities in oil & gas.

Chair: Carmen Fonseca
Vice Chair: Haitao Fang

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Thermal and Cold Spray Coatings

This symposium features technical papers on all aspects of thermal and cold spray coatings used to mitigate corrosion of metallic and reinforced concrete structures with a specific focus on (but not limited to) surface preparation, coating consumable selection, spray method selection, spray parameter development, in-line quality and inspection, testing and qualification, operational experience, cost reduction, maintenance and repair. The subjects to be covered include results of basic and applied research on thermal spray processes and coating materials including field experience on thermal spray coatings, materials, processes and strategies for corrosion control. Papers on thermal spray coatings of zinc, aluminum and their alloys for corrosion mitigation with relevant field applications would be of great interest to the symposium. Contributions on conventional and novel thermal and cold spray coating systems used to prevent corrosion of metal and reinforced concrete structures in all offshore and onshore environments will be considered.

Chair: Shiladitya Paul
Vice Chair: Tim Weber

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