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Advances in Environmental Corrosion Monitoring for Industrial Controls and Data Centers

Presented by, Igal Brodetsky, PhD., Cosasco

Environmental corrosion is becoming an issue as more and more servers and industrial controls are coming online. The presence of corrosive gasses in the atmosphere can slowly degrade the electrical connections in these systems, causing sudden and unpredictable system failures. This presentation will discuss the current state of the art in environmental monitoring systems.

Alternative CRA Solutions for Clad Line Pipe

Presented by Thomas Auinger, voestalpine Grobblech GmbH

The use of roll bonded clad plates for line pipe is usually limited to a few CRA materials. Typical austenitic CRA materials (e.g. 316L) for lower corrosion properties and nickel-based alloys (e.g. Alloy 625 or 825) for higher requirements. The gap between these CRA materials in corrosion behavior is quite large and not really used for line pipe applications.

Coatings Inspectors: Easy Eddie, Tough Tony, and Wise Wally

Presented by Michael A. Harkin, FeO, Inc

Correctly identifying, and managing, your coating inspector has a major impact on the success, or failure, of your coatings project. This presentation will be an in-depth discussion based on my article in the May 2021 edition of CoatingsPro titled "Coatings Inspectors: Easy Eddie, Tough Tony, and Wise Wally".

Robotic Solutions for Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) Inspections

Presented by Chase David, Gecko Robotics

Corrosion under insulation (CUI) is corrosion that occurs in the base metal of storage tanks, pressure vessels, and other assets when moisture penetrates the outer insulation. Corrosion and damage to the insulation are difficult to detect without the costly process of removing insulation and performing a manual inspection.

Layer without limits – When is powder the better option?

Presented by Matthew Rush, PPG, and Sameer Shaikh, Arkema

Liquid coatings have traditionally been the go-to system for long term corrosion protection.  But with performance advancements and growing environmental concerns, powder is quickly becoming the technology of choice for many manufacturers. This session will begin with a basic overview of powder, application techniques and chemistries, followed by the powder systems and technologies which will offer the best corrosion performance, including powders place within ISO 12944.  We will review next how powder compares to liquid in sustainability, performance and cost. Finally, discuss the upstream powder coating resin and its sustainable value proposition.

Trends in Coating Technologies for the Oil & Gas Market

Presented by Chris Lopez, Axalta Coating Systems

Coatings for oil and gas are an estimated $5.4B market in 2022. The future of oil and gas lies in being sustainable in the operations. In this paper we will explore the global trends that impact coatings in this space. The main trends that will be explored are sustainability, urbanization and efficiency. Their impact on coatings will be thoroughly explained and the types of products that could meet the moment will be presented. The suitability of the range of powder coatings such as Nap-gard for FBE, thermoplastic coatings such as Plascoat and Abcite for both exterior and interior applications for oil, gas, CO2, NH3 and Hydrogen pipelines will be explored. The chemistry of liquid coatings that could meet the trends will be discussed in detail.

Rope Access and Integrated Services (RAIS): Alternative Access Solutions

Presented by Manny Williams, Acuren Inspection, Inc.

The chairs will discuss the integrated capabilities and limitations of RAIS and the abilities and limitations of RAIS for mechanical services and inspections. Safety and man hour exposure and RAIS vs. traditional scaffolding will also be covered. The audience will have the opportunity to ask questions.

Navigating the QP Accreditation Process, A Step-by-Step Guide for Coatings Contractors

Presented by Dave Evans, AMPP

In this session, we discuss strategies to not only gain access to better jobs and projects, but to increase the efficiency of your organization so you can take on even more projects. We will map out the process of how to get there from start to finish, including the things you will need to become familiar with and how to determine what is needed for your business.

Ultrasonic Inspection for Corrosion Inspection

Presented by Jorge T. Reyna, JRSA Inspections

Presentation objectives as follows:
1) Explain What is the physical phenomena of Ultrasonic testing Method
2) Explain some techniques derived from Ultrasonic testing as a Nondestructive Testing Method
3) Show how to use different types of conventional and advanced UT inspection systems

Formulating with Power for Cost-Effective Iron Control

Presented by Tom Richardson and J.D. Gutierrez, Solugen

This presentation is sponsored by Solugen.

AMPP EMERG - Standards 101

Presented by William Corbett, PCS, KTA-Tator, Inc.

Cutting Edge Technology of MMO Anodes

Presented by Dave Andreotti and Dr. Satyananda Pilli, De Nora

This presentation is sponsored by De Nora.

Corrosion Protection with Safe, Inorganic Material - 14 Years of Lessons

Presented by Tony Collins, EonCoat

This presentation is sponsored by EonCoat.

CoatingsPro's 2023 Contractor Awards Program Presentation

Presented by Stephanie Chizik, CoatingsPro Magazine

Presentation of the 2023 award winners

Internal Corrosion Management Program

Presented by David Velasco, Cosasco

Roundtable discussion on leading and lagging indicators of internal corrosion, available technologies, and corresponding benefits/drawbacks.

CUI Monitoring Technology for Predictive Management

Presented by Freddie Talbot, CorrosionRADAR Ltd UK

Predictive Corrosion Management have a lot of attractive use cases including Corrosion Under Insulation. This presentation describes the deployment and evaluation of remote monitoring technology with application in corrosion under insulation management. Using remote monitoring, a predictive management of CUI is described which can help the asset owners not only manage the asset integrity in a cost-effective way but in a safer way too if the risks are pre identified and acted upon. Hidden corrosion such as Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) can be better managed with digital data harvesting and with predictive tools using data of the assets such as knowledge of moisture locations and temperature etc. A method is described that involves use of this data to manage the assets holistically, prioritizing the risky assets and scheduling their inspection and maintenance effectively. This presentation will showcase the development and usage of CUI monitoring, thereby maturing the technology and CUI risk analytics. The case studies and lessons learnt from field use cases will be presented. The new method of using sensing and Industrial IOT to detect and predict corrosion in the field will be a huge impact for the asset integrity industry struggling with the threat of hidden corrosion such as Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI).