Informational Sessions

Informational Sessions

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Chemistry Issues in Shale Oil and Gas Development and Production

Chairs: Qiwei Wang, Saudi Aramco and Zhengwei Liu, Baker Hughes

Presented by: Renato De Paula, Solvay; Alec Breen and David Yue, Halliburton; Zhengwei Liu and Sunder Ramachandran, Baker Hughes; and Alex McRae, Schlumberger

This forum will provide a platform for industrial experts to discuss the challenges and corresponding chemical solutions encountered in the shale oil and gas fields development and production, including the industrial best practices and new advancements in control of bacteria, corrosion and scale during hydraulic fracturing and hydrocarbon recovery stages.

Corrosion Mitigation Techniques and Evaluations for Water Infrastructure

Chaired by: Christine Henderson and Bobbi Jo Merten, Bureau of Reclamation

Presented by: Alysson Bueno, Universidade Federal de São João del Rei; Jamey Hilleary, Elecsys Corporation; Bobbi Jo Merten, Christine Henderson, Grace Weber, and Atousa Plaseied, Bureau of Reclamation; Carolyn Ortiz, USACE-ERDC-CERL Paint Technologies Center; Antonio Flori, Denver Water; Vincent Hock, US Army Corps of Engineers; James Geisbush, Central Arizona Project; Bob Dahlstrom, Apellix; and Serviel Smolders, Smolders SSO

This topic will showcase new and improved techniques for corrosion prevention, mitigation, detection, and condition assessment on water infrastructure. The various structures of interest include water transmission and distribution pipelines, storage tanks, gates, and other water control structures. Protective coatings and cathodic protection are the primary methods for corrosion mitigation, and new options for long-term corrosion protection and enhanced condition assessment tools are needed for these aging structures.

Electrochemical Techniques for Measuring Corrosion

Presented by: Jeremy Moloney, ChampionX; Fernando Farelas, Luna Innovations; Jacob Ketter, Gamry Instruments; Bruce Brown, Institute for Corrosion and Multiphase Technology; Lietai Yang, Corr Instruments, Inc.; Junsoo Han, Sorbonne Université; and Kyle Moler and Liam Agnew, Luna Labs

The primary objectives of this session are (1) To increase the understanding of some of the subtle issues that arise when using electrochemical techniques in corrosion and corrosion control (2) To facilitate effective use of electrochemical techniques for corrosion measurement and monitoring.

Identifying new government contract opportunities, making an impact on your business through the use of KPIs and evaluating why Team Players Cheat

Chaired by: Pam Nicoletti, AMPP and Tom Higginbotham, PPG

Presented by: Kyla Payne, Bellevue University; Lauren Dognazzi, BP; Greg Redick, Potomac Redan & Associates; and Terry Greenfield, Consulex

With this session we'll cover skills needed to advance your business. Session topics will include making a positive impact in your Inspection business, identifying why team players cheat, utilizing KPIs to evaluate your business and set your business apart from others, and identifying potential government contract opportunities.